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Callide Coaches is a small Bus Company based in Biloela, Central Queensland. It operates School Services, School and General Charter Services. To obtain a quote please refer to the “Request a quote” page on this website.

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Request a coach quote

If you require a quote for coach hire, getting a quote is easy!!

Give us a call, or click the link below and send us an email at admin@callidecoaches.com.au!! (In order to provide you with an accurate quote there are a few questions we will ask of you in order to prepare your quote).

Destination: Where are you travelling to?

Include your destination, departure date and departure time, whether you would like to travel directly to your destination or via a specific route. Please include either a departure time from your destination or an approximate time you would like to be home.


Do you require us to drop you off at your destination and return to pick you up at the end of your stay? Will the coach be required for day trips or travel to and from accommodation to sporting destinations or places of interest daily?

Size of Coach / Number of Passengers: How many children and adults will be travelling?

Try to get a firm indication of the number of passengers travelling as early as possible. This will determine the bus size or the number of buses required for the trip. We can cater for your requirements with our coaches ranging in size from a 21 Seater through to a 57 seater coach.

Trip Itinerary: What is your itinerary?

Plan your trip with a realistic itinerary which takes into account the needs of your group and the requirements of our driver. Decide how many days the trip will take and daily start and finish times. Be specific about times, keeping in mind rest stops, meal breaks, side trips and return to school times. We can help you with travel times and required rest breaks and stop times if required.

Amount of luggage: How much luggage will be taken?

Please advise us of the amount and type of luggage you will be carrying so we can ensure it will be stored safely and efficiently (e.g.: Bags, sporting equipment, tents, band equipment). Our larger coaches have large storage capacity underneath while with some of the smaller coaches require a luggage trailer.

Specific Safety and comfort features: What features do you want on the coach?

Discuss with us your requirements, all of our coaches are, seatbelted, air conditioned and fitted with DVD players and stereos. Please refer to the "Our Coaches" section of this web page for a listing of Charter coaches and their features.

Once you have all the information required it's as simple as emailing the information through to us...